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Date: August 29, 2023

Award Ceremony in Recognition of Al Hijrah School and College High Achievers

BTTN organized an award ceremony on 29 August 2023, celebrating the outstanding achievements of top position holders from Al Hijrah School and College in the federal board exams. The delegation consisted of Principal Al Hijrah Prof. Shabbir Barrech, the students and alumni of Al Hijrah participated in the event.

Brig Agha Ahmad Gul (R) extended a warm welcome to the delegation from Al Hijrah. In his address, Prof. Barrech highlighted Al Hijrah’s stringent and merit-based admission policy, underscoring the institution’s commitment to academic excellence. Prof. Barech expressed his gratitude to Brig Gul and the entire Faculty of Research for organizing the ceremony, believing that this recognition would serve as a driving force for the awardees’ future endeavors. Prof. Barrech also fondly acknowledged Brig Gul’s significant influence, recounting how the he had taught him during his own school years. In his concluding remarks he made a commitment to establish a separate corner for the publications of BTTN Journals and magazines for the student of Al-Hijrah in order capitalize these works for their research grooming.

Following that, in his address, the Head of BTTN delved into the historical context of Balochistan and his personal connection with Ziarat and Al Hijrah. Utilizing a historical map, he elucidated the factors contributing to Balochistan’s developmental challenges. Recalling his five-year residence in Ziarat alongside his wife, Brigadier Agha Gul emphasized the emotional bond he shares with the region. He concluded by congratulating the accomplished students and inspiring them to persevere and strive for greatness in their future pursuits.

The chief guest of the ceremony, Mrs. Mahzreen Gul, commenced her speech by extending her heartfelt congratulations to the position holders and Prof. Shabbir Ahmed Barrech. Reflecting on a delegation from England that had previously engaged with her for constructing a school for under privileged people, she applauded Al Hijrah for embodying that vision. Mrs. Gul emphasized the significance of meritocracy in organizational progress, lauding Al Hijrah’s adherence to this principle. She proudly announced the remarkable academic results of Al Hijrah, with 22 students achieving A+ grades, 21 students attaining A grades, and two students securing B grades.

The concluding segment of the award ceremony featured the presentation of souvenirs to Prof. Shabbir Ahmed Barrech and the distribution of cash prizes among the position holders. Brig Agha Ahmad Gul (R) and Mrs. Gul awarded the first, second, and third position holders with cash prizes of forty thousand, thirty thousand, and twenty thousand respectively.