BTTN’s Paper Presentations in Annual PAP Conference 2023

"Mr. Muneeb ur Rehman and Ms. Manahil Bazai Presented Paper in Annual PAP Conference 2023 "

Date: November 21-22, 2023

Balochistan Think Tank Network, keeping up with the spirit of past years, got two of its research papers accepted in the Annual PAP Conference 2023. Mr. Muneeb Ur Rahman and Ms. Manahil Sohail Bazai presented their research papers during the two days Conference.

The Conference took place at Forman Christian College University, Lahore from November 21-22. Apart from the two researchers, the Head of BTTN Brig Agha Ahmad Gul (R), Director Research Dr. Maria Malik, and Associate Director Mr. Aadersh Hamza Malghani engaged fruitfully with the stakeholders and the participants in the conference.

Mr. Muneeb’s research on the title of “the Quest for Desired Proportion of Children and Its Impact on Family Planning; suggests that although policies that are aimed at reducing family size are essential, more focus should be on the policies that could empower women and reduce the desire and race for a male child.

While Ms. Manahil Bazai’s research titled ‘Women’s Autonomy and Inclusiveness in Decision Making for Family Planning: A Case Study of Quetta’ contributed to the existing literature by exploring the extent of women’s autonomy in the conservative societies like in Quetta.