About Us


Balochistan Think Tank Network was established at Quetta, on March 1, 2021. It is an autonomous, non­-profit, non-partisan and multidisciplinary Research Center with focus not limited to Balochistan only, but the regional and global dynamics which can influence Pakistan.

Broadly, BTTN endeavors to undertake in-depth research of provincial issues with a view of socio, political, and economic  development of the province. Its interests include issues of Energy, Regional Stability, Strategic Stability, Peace and Security, Arms Control and Disarmament, Non-Proliferation, Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology and Energy, Conflict Resolution, Regional Connectivity and Socioe conomic Development at national level. Geopolitically, besides South Asia, BTTN’s research areas include Europe and Africa.


The absence of a think tank in Balochistan necessitated the creation of such a Center which can integrate the knowledge of young scholars, intellectuals, stakeholders, key opinion makers for a prosperous Pakistan, and suggest a better path for sustainable development. There was a need to foster a knowledge pool involving young scholars from universities in Balochistan to present unbiased and accurate narratives of development and national integration.

It provides a forum for national and international think tanks to debate policies and practices on provincial, regional and strategic domains within the ambit of the larger national narrative and will provide timely policy suggestions to provincial/national decision-makers. It is a platform for various segments of the society to jointly work for the socio, political, and economic uplifting of Pakistan


Be the leading policy-oriented think tank in Balochistan that promotes research culture focused on development, stability and national integration by mapping pathways for sustainable policy solutions.


Pursue quality research, based on knowledge and investigation that earns credible status for BTTN amongst the academia, intellectuals and stakeholders/decision-makers of Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular.


We espouse the core values of team building, mutual respect, compassion, integrity, credibility, excellence, ethnic and gender balance amongst its research teams. It promotes innovation and promotion of research culture for arriving at sustainable policy solutions based on prejudice-free knowledge aimed at community outreach, social development and national integration.


  • The prime objective of BTTN is to focus on research, development, and national integration with an aim to attain the status of “Center of Excellence” in Balochistan.
  • To provide a platform for researchers, academia, and civil society to germinate new concepts and ideas on strategic issues in Pakistan’s national security interest.
  • It aims at nurturing and training young, budding scholars to become Pakistan’s effective and credible voice in both, national and international arenas and become a leading institution to project Pakistan’s strategic narrative.


The Faculty of Research comprises 24 highly qualified professionals. Consultant, and  Executive Director oversee and facilitate the research work of three research teams.

Any research work is slow, tedious and challenging for one’s pre-conceived knowledge or ideas. Research Teams not only support each other but also fill in voids needed to see the complete picture. Creativity cannot be achieved through hard work alone; it needs smart work, digging out the facts, reflections, polling of collective wisdom and often the presence of a nominated devil’s advocate who challenges the conclusions relating to policy options to articulate, wishful thinking and smoothen the rough edges.

Team leaders are expected to guide, help and be the role models, but every member counts, no matter how inexperienced and young. BTTN resolves to emerge as a leading Research Center and establish the integrity of its work imbued by the Core Values aiming to achieve its Vision