National Workshop 12

National Security Workshop Balochistan – Talk by Brig Agha Ahmad Gul (R)

Brig Agha Ahmad Gul (R) delivered a talk at the National Security Workshop – Balochistan on the topic titled “Balochistan – Security and Stability Challenges.” In his talk, Brig Gul highlighted the historical background of the Balochistan province. He stated that the word Balochistan came into wide circulation after the advent of Nadir Shah Qajaar in the 18th century. After him, the second phase of Balochistan begins with Kelati Balochistan and Mir Nasir’s engagements with the British. The third phase began in 1893 when British Balochistan was formally established. All these three stages had different repercussions on society and politics of Balochistan. He also stressed on the post-independence governance challenges within the province and the deteriorating condition of education in the 1970’s particularly the instance where more than 3000 Punjabi teachers were expelled, creating a void which was later filled by political loyalists and incompetent people. He stated that the people of Balochistan have been the subject of neglect as the system of education seems to be letting us down. In addition to that, he lamented the lack of direction in the youth of the province which will only result in exacerbating their marginalization. Coupled with lack of revenue generating resources and capacities, all of this boils down to the unaware layman blaming the central government for their miseries which causes unwarranted tensions between the center and the periphery. The participants included bureaucrats, academicians and members of civil society who generated great debate during the discussion sessions.