Research Paper at International Symposium - NIDS Tokyo

"Dr. Zafar Khan Presents Research Paper at International Symposium - NIDS Tokyo"

Date: December 06, 2023

On December 6, 2023, Dr. Zafar Khan presented a research paper, “The Return of Cold War Nuclear Deterrence Theories in South Asia,” at the “New Horizon of Nuclear Age” International Symposium hosted by the National Institute of Defense Studies (NIDS) in Tokyo, Japan. The symposium focused on the historical context of the U.S-Soviet Cold War structure, denoted as the first nuclear era, and the subsequent post-Cold War period, characterized by increased nuclear proliferation and heightened tensions among regional powers, termed the second nuclear era. In the symposium’s first session, “Nuclear Deterrence and Arms Control,” discussions explored the evolving landscape of nuclear deterrence and arms control amidst heightened warfare in emerging domains, emphasizing policy perspectives. The second session, “Theories of Nuclear Deterrence and Compellence,” engaged in discussions grounded in contemporary research to analyze the modern application of nuclear deterrence and compellence in the context of nuclear weapons.

In his presentation Dr. Zafar argued that the future of arms control and nuclear disarmament is getting dimmer when all nuclear weapons states are modernizing and increasing their nuclear forces. Cold War deterrence theories are not only revisiting the US and Russia, but similar types of theories and compellence strategies are visiting other nuclear weaponstates such as China and North Korea including that of the South Asian nuclear rivalry as well. 

The National Institute of Defense Studies in Tokyo contributed valuable insights during these discussions, addressing topics of growing interest both in Japan and internationally. The symposium aimed to facilitate dialogue with global intellectuals, examining theoretical and practical issues associated with the unfolding nuclear age.