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Guidelines for Authors

It is imperative to note that BTTN Journal accepts original, authentic, data-proven, evidence-based, theory supported, cutting-edge, quality and research-oriented papers that add value into the existing literature on the given topic of inquiry. Papers must have some form of novelty, clarity of argument, methodology, theory based questions, and rigorous policy recommendations that are workable and applicable to the given working environment pertaining to the scope of the BTTN journal. BTTN Journal is committed to rigorous and blind peer-review to maintain academic integrity by upholding the highest standards of reviews. Therefore, it is for the information of authors that articles submitted to BTTN Journal will initially go through the editorial board initial screening. After passing through editorial review stage, the papers will then be blindly peer reviewed by independent and anonymous field experts on the submitted themes. The review process will take at least six to eight weeks for the editorial board final decision to accept or reject for publications into BTTN Journal. In the third stage, the accepted papers will be sent to authors with blind review comments/feedbacks and upon the accommodations of reviewers’ recommendations/feedbacks, the accepted paper will get room in publication volumes and issues of BTTN Journal as final production of publications. However, due to the unforeseen incidents like, the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, the entire reviewing process may take little longer than expected. Authors must read, understand, and follow up the following guidelines before submitting articles for consideration and publication purposes:

1. A typical research article for this journal should be between 6000 to 8000 words including abstract, footnotes, tables, captions, and figures.

2. An abstract must not exceed more than 200 words. It should have at least 4 key words.

3. Although it is preferable to have a single-authored paper submission, the article should not exceed more than 3 authors comprising each author’s justifiable research contribution in the paper. No conflict of interests among the authors be integral part of the paper submitted to BTTN Journal.

4. The responsibility of research and academic ethics is 100% relying on author(s) of the submitted paper and the editorial board has zero tolerance policy on academic dishonesty on any part and/or whole piece of research paper/article/piece being sent for publication process to BTTN Journal.

5. To maintain originality of the written piece for publication to BTTN Journal, the editorial board follow 100% originality ethics designed by academic world and/or scientific communities for academic publications. Thus, academic fraud solely relies upon the author(s).

6. The originality of research article matters. BTTN Journal will undertake plagiarism test for each article submitted. Paper should not exceed more than 10% of similarity index and should not have more than 2% from the single source. Please follow up the BTTN Journal Plagiarism Policy in accordance with the HEC rules and regulations of Plagiarism Policy.

7. BTTN Journal believes in stamping out bad research inquiry practices and gives guidelines of originality pieces of productions by the authors. So, it is the responsibility of the authors to know and follow the guidelines of retraction and abide by academic/research norms and/or ethics academic/research piece of paper(s) to BTTN Journal. For guidelines, consider to follow the link:

8. Papers should be submitted anonymously with no marks of indication. However, authors should submit separately their short bio and institutional affiliation on title page while submitting their manuscript to BTTN Journal.

9. Papers once submitted to BTTN Journal must not have been printed elsewhere and/or should not be under consideration in other journals. Authors cannot withdraw the papers once they are accepted for publication by the BTTN Journal. However, the retraction policy helps guide the authors, consider to follow the link:

10. Articles should be submitted in MS Word Office with 12 font size, Times New Roman and bearing 2.0 space in between the lines. The footnotes should be 10 font size of Times New Roman.

11. BTTN Journal only accepts American English spelling.

12. BTTN Journal follows the footnoted references according to Chicago manual 16th edition. Please follow the link: Chicago-Style Citation (

13. No sophisticated formatting is required for the citations. Footnote citation should be simple. For a more comprehensive look at Chicago’s two systems of source citation and many more examples, see chapters 14 ( and 15 ( of The Chicago Manual of Style.

14. In addition to research articles, BTTN Journal also accepts Book Reviews in accordance with Aims and Scope of this journal. Book Reviews should not exceed 1200-word limit. Book reviews are evaluated by the related BTTN Journal editorial team.

15. The editorial team of BTTN Journal may decline research articles/book reviews if they do not comply with the guidelines of the journal.

16. The final decision regarding articles/book reviews will be notified through email after passing all the stages of the initial screening, blind-peer review processes and accommodating reviewers’ comments/feedback are complete.

17. The BTTN Journal announces Call for Papers twice an academic year and publishes two issues and one volume an academic starting from June, 2022.

Ethical Guidelines

The BTTN Journal has zero tolerance policy on plagiarism and academic fraud, dishonesty and malpractices about the piece of paper(s) submitted for publication. The Higher Education of Pakistan policy guidelines (the HEC rules and regulations for ethical guidelines) strictly be followed by the authors and can be accessed at: Note: Divergence from HEC guidelines may not be entertained in any publication(s) at BTTN Journal. All the HEC rules and regulations must be followed by author(s).

BTTN Journal and its editorial team believe in the generosity of freely and openly dissemination and sharing the quality and credible research works from the platform of Balochistan Think Tank Network (BTTN), Quetta. The BTTN Journal publishes with broader audience may not only scholarly benefit its contributors to freely access BTTN Journal issues, but also help enhance the academic/research reputation of BTTN Journal that primarily aims to promote research culture in Balochistan. BTTN Journal regularly archives its issues based on its Open Access Policy. Therefore, BTTN Journal is an open access and open archive journal. All its issues are accessible to the wider audience free of cost that can be read, downloaded, printed, citation, acknowledgement, and shared for research and academic purposes. However, BTTN Journal editorial team expects that such distribution of BTTN Journal research work should be in accordance with the HEC Pakistan policies for Plagiarism and Ethical Guidelines that can be accessed at:



BTTN Plagiarism Policy

 BTTN Journal strictly follows the HEC Pakistan rules and regulations for plagiarism policy for author(s) and/or contributors. The guidelines can be accessed at: for plagiarism and similarity index regarding submission(s) to BTTN Journal. The HEC zero tolerance policy is applied by BTTN Research Journal to acknowledge scientific and academic contributions of the author(s). The BTTN Research Journal go in line with HEC plagiarism policy and emphasis author(s) to strictly follow the policy guidelines in their submission(s) to BTTN Research Journal.

Article Processing Charges and Submission Fee

BTTN Journal does not charge for articles submission and processing fee. Submissions and processes of articles are free of cost.

Article Submission/review Honorarium/certificates

However, BTTN Journal pays a modest honorarium in cash to its contributors that include both the potential reviewers and authors. The authors will also get certificates for their accepted and published articles/reviews from the editor(s) of BTTN Journal.

Articles/Book Reviews Submission

All research articles and book reviews should be submitted to: